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Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be studying…

Despite being on my high school’s Academic Decathlon team for two years and becoming the co-captain my second year, I’m still not exactly sure how to study (I can already feel the disappointment from my fellow teammates and my coach piercing my heart). For example, I have always said that one can never study math, only practice it, such as working out review exercises. Some argue that going over formulas and processes to solve certain kinds of problems are categorized as studying, but I most often beg to differ. As for other subjects where textual material is involved, I have never truly considered memorizing, rereading, and creating flashcards as simply studying, but I guess those techniques are, indeed. I suppose I can just file them under such a heading, but I have a reluctance that stems out of the blue. I cram everything into my short attention span, and I’m sure this is no different for many others. Every test I’ve taken and every paper I’ve written is full of bullspit information pulled straight from my buttocks minutes before the deadline. I am not proud of my method to finish everything at the last minute, but I can’t help it. At the moment, I have no motivation to go over what I need to know for my Humanities Core final exam tomorrow afternoon, as my procrastinator’s mind repeats, “Oh, you have time!” The fact that I’m on Tumblr instead of revising my essay or writing definitions for the terms from the review sheet our discussion leader posted on the class website is evidence of my lack of productivity. My surrounding environment doesn’t help much either: if anything, college has made me lazier, since all I ever want to do now is socialize with others. I have a terrible feeling right now, reminiscent of this, and I can really use some encouragement from my peers. Sigh, I don’t really want to continue on…

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. define “sloth” as “habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness”. In what ways do you go about expressing this definition? In what ways do you go about opposing this definition?
  2. How do you study? Please share them with the author of this blog.
  3. How can you encourage the author of this blog without reprimanding him or scolding him?

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